inward looking. reflection

inward-looking, reflection

today, i am happy in this skin…

looking inward today i see a lazy girl.

sunshines through my bedroom window and i just want to glory in it; bathe in its warmth through the glass; feel it radiate my bones; bask in its diffused golden light.

i stretch – like a cat – on the bed, still wearing yesterdays black bra and briefs; my skin golden, taut and warm to the touch. i invert my stretch.

i rub my eyes and immediately i am reminded of last night’s party, and how in my playful and tipsy state of mind i forgot to remove my make up, and my boots.

quickly, i sit up and look in the mirror. lips stain smudged but still the colour of arousal. eyes black – like a heroin over dose. serious bed head.

i get up and stumble to the adjoining bathroom. the full-length mirror hijacks my attention and i see my body. i can see my ribs. too skinny? Mmm. I like it. i can live here – i am happy in this skin.

with a positive affirmation of being content with one’s body image, i know it’s going to be a good day.

well, for today anyway.

words (c) Kat McDonald 2009


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