(c) Kat McDonald Photography


i love the way you look at me, with those large green eyes. eyes that see deep into my soul. eyes that look at me with love. unconditional love. and i respect that. as i love you. i love how you lay down beside me, your head on my lap. i love how you smile with contentment. and how you smile out loud. i love how you tenderly touch my face, hijack my attention and push your face up to mine. our cheeks brush close and i feel your warmth. your selfless love. your trust. i love the way you follow me. like my little shadow. i love when we eat breakfast together on weekends. i love how you speak to me – with a soft voice – or in a silent accord. your body language tells me so much more. i love how you don’t judge me, or my actions. how you can keep a secret – you don’t kiss and tell. i owe you so much. i love how you walk with me… your little swagger makes me smile. i love how you love me and eat from my mouth, like a kiss from an infant. i love how you can make me laugh, and raise my spirits with your little chirps and songs. i love how you saved my life. when i was at my lowest, you cried with me and touched me with your loving stare. you gave me some hope and made me stay in this life.

i love you completely with all my being.

(c) Kat McDonald, 2010


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