when i say…

am i asking for too much?

am i asking for too much?

i want sunshine. i want daisies. i want bare skin. i want silk. i want summer puddles to splash in. i want to wake up in a field of bluebells. i want a massage. i want absinthe with absent friends. i want fresh mountain air. i want skinnydipping. i want to sunbathe on the railway. i want firewalking. i want kisses that bruise. i want chances. i want flowers. i want flames. i want bicycle rides where the sun splits the trees. i want to unzip oranges. i want to charm bees. i want grass-stained knees. i want sandcastles. i want to hijack your attention. i want to dance, dance, dance. i want to fall asleep with a pack of wolves. i want the desert. i want the ocean. i want to walk with you, on Easter Island. i want you to fall asleep on the unmade bed that is inside my head. i want to bathe in champagne. i want to be soaked to the skin in warm summer rain, feel the grass wet on my bare feet. i want magic. i want rainbows. i want your fingers, your touch. i want kittens and cubs. i want to soak in bathtubs. i want bubbles and butterflies. i want moonlight and beads of sweat. i want oriental rugs and opium. i want hot air balloons. i want ice-cream. i want cashmere and cocaine. i want train rides and rockets. i want candles. i want to savour the flavour. i want to cut your hair. i want mannequins to dress and you to undress. i want to travel, and unravel. i want…….. am i asking for too much ?


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