wave upon perfect wave

wave upon perfect wave

wave upon perfect wave

shadows flutter overhead and i welcome their cool distance upon my burning eyelids. my eyes are closed and all is quiet. i am alone in the garden, basking in the summer sun. the sun plays with me, and like a kaleidoscope – creates hypnotic patterns in the back of my eyes. warm and entranced, i sink into the warmth.

sparrows chase the light on a breeze and chatter in a feathered flurry of conversation. i open my eyes. instantly and momentarily i am blinded by the white sun hanging, scintillating the blue sky above. the sky, blue as my lover’s eyes, awaits, endless. the sky, opulent and furnished with soft fuzzy white cotton boll clouds. i smile and close my eyes.

i focus on the warmth. my focus directed to where the skin burns. it feels good. with every breath i exhale, i sink deeper into myself, my solitude, my thoughts of kaleidoscopic shapes and the dancing shadows of little birds.

almost naked, i lie and drink in the sunshine. my senses are heightened. my eyes are closed but i can still see clearly. i hear the sound of distant traffic and birdsong and envisage life going on regardless – as i remain motionless – in my voluntary paralysis. my skin smells of jasmine. my skin feels warm. i feel receptive to touch. open. almost seduced by the sun, and now succumbed to its warm advances and caresses in delicate places. in my state of undress, i lie motionless. clothing twisted, skin bare and taut, my knees are open, and my hair hangs soft around my shoulders in dark languid curls.

the hot sun, continuing its juvenile game of hide and seek, is tempered by a lone cloud. the air suddenly cools, and darkens. the air is less oppressive. i open my eyes and gaze into the sky and watch it slowly reappear – emerge in all its resplendent beauty. as i close my watering eyes my lips curl into a smile. i breath in the sensual warmth. and exhale, sinking deeper, further succumbing to this solar seduction.

the sun, like a gentle and attentive lover, strokes my skin… slowly. like warm wave upon perfect wave, the air simmers slowly.

i touch my skin, hot and golden. the sun – teasing, blushing – hides behind a cloud. i stir… almost urging the sun to continue. to not stop… i nestle in. what little clothes i am wearing are now in complete disarray, like i had just revelled in an afternoon with a lover.

the sun returns and that familiar wave, upon perfect wave, completes me.

(c) Kat McDonald – June 2010


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