bird omen?

a bird fell from the sky

all things must die.

i should have known.
a bird falls from the sky.
it lands by my side.
i should have recognised the sign.
but my head does not bend towards superstition.
but i should have known.
i should have known better.

i should have known
that that day was to be a dark one.
a bird falls from the sky.
and my world starts spinning
and spiraling out of control,
like the dying bird
plummeting from a great height,
and falls.
to the ground.

i really should have known.
“bird omen…” my gut instinct clawed
from within.
“bird omen? what the fuck?
stupid superstitious nonsense!” my head scolded,
my loud voice of reason
– belittling the limp ponderings
of my caged heart’s dichotomy.

what the fuck?

a bird drops from the sky,
dead, like a stone.
it lands, close,
by my side
– with a marksman’s deadly precision.
and i hate birds.
“i really fucking hate birds…”
they petrify me.
“this is a sign…
this is a fucking sign!” spews my gut instinct.
“don’t be stupid!”
roars my overbearing voice of reason.
“but…” interrupts my quietened heart.
oh my heart…
my heart –
which i could feel beating inside me,
like wings
of a petrified bird…
“what the fuck is going on, Kathryn?”
interrupts my gut instinct.

why do i feel like this?
no longer free to fly…
why the panic?
why the fear?
why is my heart beating
like the thrashing wings of a bird,
trapped in a gilt cage?

why a bird?
from such great height, fallen.

why me?

why do i now feel
like my world has stopped spinning?
and no more birdsong.

the truth is simple.
all things must die.


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