“teach me how to write backwards…” he said

maybe i could be your mirror...

(c) Kat McDonald Photography

“teach me how to write backwards…” he said.
“if you’ll teach me about love” she replied.
“okay” he smiled.
“you will need a mirror” she replied, smiling back.

a mirror…?

a mirror.
eyes, like a mirror.
eyes, that mirror emotion back at you.
eyes, that cannot be ignored.

and the threads.
the threads.
fine golden threads.
threads, that bind.
threads, that shield and protect.
threads, that are swallowed.
threads, that cannot be ignored.


and the time.
time, taken.
time, stolen.
time, broken.
all this time.
all this time.
all this time.
time, to catch up.
time, to share.
time, to lose track of.

but when?

the antler.
the velvet antler.
the velvet soft antler.
that gores the body.
the velvet soft antler
that spears the heart and splinters.
the velvet soft antler
that penetrates the mind.

and that mind.
that quizzical, logical mind.
that mind, kindred.
that mind, in tune.
that mind, that knows mine more than eye.
that mind.
that mind.

and love?
what of it?
is this love?
or something like it?

love is a cunt.
love questions everything.
love is the question.
love may not be the answer.
love is elusive.
love is everything.

love is everywhere.
love is in laughter.
love is in tears.
tears of love.
love is in the blood.

love is stained sheets
love is in words.
love is fragile.

oh hold me tight.

hips locked
and bound by golden threads.
movements mirror movements
the scent.
the senses.

this unquenchable thirst.
these little tremors.

hold the mirror.
look at the reflection.
who do you see?

do you see yourself in me?

the mirror is fluid.
a pool.

an eye?


the pain.
the pain.
the pain that will not go away.
aching thighs.
and aching heart.
aching thighs
but especially the heart.
especially the heart.

all these words.
written backwards.
written forwards.

and now spoken.
mouth to mouth.
eye to eye.
words now spoken
in silence.


the silence.
the silence deafens.
not a sound.

face to face
eye to eye
no words.
just silence.

i hear your words.
i can read them, mirrored in your eyes.
backwards and forwards
forwards and backwards.

words are superfluous here.
here in this cocoon.
here in this silence.
here in this perfect silence because i can see you.

and i can feel you.
and i can feel it.

love? or something like it?

it’s stirring.

those fingers.
telepathic fingers.
fingers, that scribble your designs upon my back.
fingers, that tattoo your desire upon my stomach.

those fingers. and hands.
hands, that hold.
hands, that heal.
hands, that touch.
hands, that feel.
hands, that find each other…

hands. in safe hands.

this mirror does not lie.
this mirror can set you free.
this mirror can answer all your questions.

just ask…

look in the mirror.
look into those eyes.
see the answers.
see a future?

writing backwards is easy compared to understanding, and accepting, love
but reading words written backwards is easier with a mirror.

and like looking in a mirror, my reflection always holds my gaze.
all ways.

maybe you are my mirror.

and i am focused on you.

words (c) Kat McDonald August 2013
image (c) Kat McDonald Photography


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