lovers’ kisses
like hummingbirds;
their love is a hunger,
driven by need.
a need to share
a need to feed
and nurture…

their beating wings,
a heartbeat,
strumming a song
– a birdsong
– a love song…

their love is a thirst;
an unquenchable first.
a flower, open.
a mouth, open.
a kiss…

oh quickening heart,
fluttering fast,
like tiny wings…
oh quivering mouth
with rapid kisses
that sing…

my little bird,
i hold you
like a flower.
soft smacking kisses

oh this heart beats faster now.

this heart never felt so alive…

(c) Kat McDonald 2014

for Robert… *kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss*

image courtesy of The Hummingbird Society


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