A little despair crept in today.

** from one of my favourite writers here on WordPress**
– having moved to a lovely new abode, a stone’s throw from a postcard pretty beach with ancient castle ruins, i took a walk – with my lover, his mother and his son – only to be left feeling as washed out as the soiled tampon i found on the beach only a meter away from where we were paddling…. what the fuck is wrong with people? why do humans seem hellbent on destroying and spoiling all that is good and beautiful…. discuss…?!

Pure Phantasy

deed bird

No matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t make my atoms split and explode and wipe out this awful place forever in a giant mushroom cloud of scum?

Fife, Scotland.

Are we a nation of ill, underachieving neds?

An idea.

A walk.

A park.

Look at all those adequately provided bins, and all those empty juice bottles on the ground.

And why are those teenage bimbo girls sitting silent and motionless on a small child’s roundabout, just gawking at iphones? Creepy.

A castle.

Smells like pish.

Oops, someone’s forgotten to bin their three litre bottle of cheap cider.

Looks like someone’s had a fire. The grass is burned and a tree is destroyed.

They tried to burn a live tree?

A visit to a beach.

Watch out for the broken glass, the dog shit, the toilet roll with human ass paste smeared all over it, the litter and generally anyone…

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