Ebola- Death Becomes Her

Ebola is a sobering thought.

Life's Rich Pageant


so… yeah… today went something like this…

i left my home at 16.45 to catch a bus to Kirkcaldy Bus Station, to catch another bus to Glenrothes Bus Station, to catch yet another bus to work.

it was decidedly warm, for this time of year, when i set out. and then it began to rain. you know, that lazy kind of rain. instead of falling around you it just goes right through you. i stood in the bus shelter, wet and looking effortlessly bedraggled.

i heard a girl crying and looked round.  a young girl, possibly in her late teens/early twenties, with long brown pigtails was flapping and flailing her arms, erratically.  i turned and stepped out into the rainy night.

it was there and then, out of nowhere, that a fat, balding man brushed past me on a pushbike.

“Hey!” i yelled, as i pushed him off his bike.

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