i am wise to your game…


i know of two sisters;
two sisters,
so alike,
people mistake one
for the other.

two sisters
so alike,
like daughter
and mother…
but who
gave birth
to who?

and Envy…

the ugliest of sisters.

i see you, Jealousy…
oh i see you, there,
standing tall.
even with back turned
to face the wall,
i feel your stare.
those eyes…
… of burning green.
yes, it is true.
how astute of you.
you are taller than i.
what of it?
from across the room,
i feel your watchful eye,
drill to my core.
i look at you.
you are nothing to me
but i am everything to you,
aren’t i?
i feel your pain.
i am not sorry
for what i have,
for what came to me
and resides in me.
why should i be?
why should i
make apologies?
what of you?
where did this insecurity hail from?
your head?
your bed?
oh i feel you watching.
i feel your resentment,
so you choose to belittle.
how very big of you.
yes, you are taller than i
– in stature only.
oh you catch my eye
with unnerving constancy.
every time
i lift my eye
i see you,
staring back at me.
i see you, coil
i hear you hiss.
oh i know you.
i’ve seen your type before.
i know you don’t like me
– you are made of glass,
i can see through you.
and your casual invitation?
i am wise to your game.
there is no contest,
for i have already won
and you are broken.

Envy, oh Envy…
you petty thief!
point those long fingers,
like daggers
or shards of glass,
i will break
them off, lass.
oh i see your smirk,
your smile,
a sphincter;
thin-lipped and tight,
coiled like a whip.
why do you knot yourself
with resentment?
you made quite the entrance,
in this arena…
yet you tried
to fell me
with words you
tell me what i already know.
– what a fool,
for i am impervious
to your cutting blow;
your words of rancour
and begrudging admiration.
oh i know you hate me.
you hate me
i have
what you want.
that is clear.
your judgement is quick
but ill-disposed.
there is coldness
in your eyes.
what do you think
you have been denied?
oh Envy, i pity you.
you are collared,
like a dog;
immobilised by
your own desire.
you are vapid
and paralysed.
what did you think
you had?
i listen to your heart,
your black heart,
as you try
to subjugate me
with your words.
ineffectual words.
i am impervious
to your scathing
and hating.
i am immune
to your disease.
is that all you have?
where is your substance?

oh sisters…
i pity you.
ugly, twisted sisters…
i see through you
and your ménage à trois.
i am wise to you,
and the games you play…
i pity you.
i truly do.

i hope, one day,
you will find peace,
find love,
find a lover…
it is that you so sorely covet
i hope, one day,
you heal the wounds
that makes you sick.
but you cannot
contage me,
you will not cage me,
or enrage me.
you are horrid.
i feel nothing for you.


gentle rose-coloured
and a kiss
upon your forehead.

(c) Kat McDonald 2015

14 thoughts on “i am wise to your game…

      • i have just read it, it’s a lovely piece. i assume you are a big Elizabeth Barrett Browning fan? i am not very familiar with her writing, per se, but having read this, and some of your other posts in homage to her, i will be seeking some of her books. her poetry and sonnets are a joy to read.
        thank you for sharing, and taking time to comment on my work.


        Liked by 1 person

      • No problem. Yes, I am a big EBB fan!

        If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, and search in the iBooks for “Delphi Elizabeth Barrett Browning”, you can get her complete works in ebook form, all in one ebook for just a few dollars. It’s pretty convenient.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Myopic? Reminds me of the lyrics “Translate the fire — The venom’s rush inside your heart. How long can winter color your every word, and the skyline past the houses and the cities’ Hyperopia Carmine red?” from the song below I shared in a comment on the post you read, as Myopia is the opposite of Hyperopia.

        This version of the music video (not what I shared in my comment yesterday) features two women that are supposed to seem like sisters, one Lady Lethe, one Madam Mnemosyne, similar to your sisters Envy and Jealousy.

        Again, interesting that you used the word myopic the way you did, as it’s not commonly used figuratively, but I’ve used it before, also in a sharp-tongued manner, in a 33-word poetry contest submission with one of Chevelle’s satire music videos, “The Fad”, that I’ll share for the hell of it.

        Please don’t feel like I expect you to watch either the music video above, the one below, or both music videos though – I know reading my post from yesterday surely took up a big chunk of time, and I’m not actually that demanding. Merely sharing it as you seem to have a taste for witty sarcasm and satire!

        “Modern Settled Pioneers”
        by Ry Hakari

        Modernity’s Myopic Utopia

        Rhinestone desires simplified
        and instantaneously gratified

        Society’s Content Drinking Piss

        The drainage basin is mistaken for
        Member Discount Holy Grail dazzle

        The American Dream’s Atrophied

        Latrine-fishing’s living
        for settled “pioneers”

        Have a great day Kat!

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    • Thank you for reading and taking time to leave a comment. I always like to know why readers like a piece, so thank you. 🙂

      yeah. negative emotion destroys the soul and brings out the worst in a person. these are the ugliest and most unflattering qualities.


  1. women are complicated creatures and none are without their insecurities. i have encountered jealous and bitterly envious creatures many times – and the experience is always upsetting, unsettling and ultimately unnecessary. they are an indication of a person’s insecurities, or inferiority complex.

    here, i have taken, from memory, the essence of such an encounter with an embittered soul – someone i had only just met – and upon seeing her resentment at my happiness and feeling the wrath of her vindictive desire to criticise me and hurt me, i wanted to write about it.

    i wanted to share the experience, to humanise and demonise these ugly traits.

    thank you to you all for taking time to read this.


    • you’re welcome. glad and happy to read my writing actually reaches out and touches people – it’s always nice to read how it impacts on people. thank you for taking time to read and leave a little comment or two – i truly, truly appreciate that. xx


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