STARDATE – 20064.3

WOW! i have, since i was a child, held a DEEP fascination with outer space and sci-fi books and movies and TV series… Star Trek the Next Generation being one of my absolute loves in this genre.

this entry here, STARDATE 20064.3, is an episode from a DARKER TREK… it is compelling fan fiction. It is dark and twisted and begs many burgeoning questions about life, about the human mind and life beyond the realms we will never fully comprehend in our infinite universe.

i urge you to go and immerse yourself in this series… make a cuppa coffee, go right back to the start and lose yourself in ‘The Void’.

i am slightly biased, as the writer is my lover and fellow pilgrim, but i can guarantee if you like sci-fi and you like Star Trek and its many incarnations then you will enjoy this series and, like me and some others, you will look forward to Tuesdays – when the next episode is published.

so please – go read – go show some love to a very talented screenwriter and poet. you will not be disappointed!

STARDATE – 20064.3.

6 thoughts on “STARDATE – 20064.3

  1. I am one of the rare people who read all of William Shatner’s post-Star Trek books, which crisscrossed Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Picard, Geordi, and even Janeway. So I’m looking forward to the read! Thank you for sharing this site!

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