like a kitten with string

kittens in my head

my feet…
i listened to my feet today.
they beat out my thoughts
in the strangest
of rhythms;
like a breeze and
as its dancing leaf.

and so
the beat goes on…
words come,
in a flurry and fuzz,
like a kitten
with a ball of string.
and it got me
thinking, because
it made me sing.

i have a heart.
it beats for me
and skips for he.
for he,
is the one…

the one
i love to dance with,
but we have not danced
as yet…
that remains a mystery.
but we dance
in my head…
and in his bed…

i think aloud
and spill my words
into a song,
playing along
with my foot falls.

but these words,
like kittens,
pull me apart.
so many words…
so many beautiful words
but they litter me
in a jumble… i tumble
fashioning a song-
from footfalls
and kittens
in my smitten

mumbling and tumbling

eight hundred kittens
– all fur and needles.
they pull and they tug…
they snare
and they snag…
they pounce
and they drag
messing with my song.


i will sing,
for my love,
this strange little ditty
written in string
from the heart
of this kitty.

(c) Kat McDonald 2015

for Robert- my fellow pilgrim- and the REAL kitten in my head…


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