i seized your fire


oh you were wild
yet caged;
i could feel your pain
and enslavement;
and penned.
i saw the way
you looked at me,
burning bright,
you could tear me apart
with one touch
or slight.

yet your eye…
that yellow eye,
you roared
your most primal scream.
do you dream?
or is it wrath?
directed at me,
or your captors?

i watched you,
raging inside.
you were restless,
yet resigned.
oh that sadness
in your yellow eye
still haunts me.
i watched you,
watching me.
you connected with me.
i, too, want your freedom.
as i wanted my own.
did you sense that?

did you see
my cage?
for i, too, was contained.
i too have roared
and paced the floor.
but that day,
i stood, in melancholy,
watching you circle
and pound,
and claw at the concrete ground.
i watched you,
through tears,
from a safe
distance, on edge;
on the edge
of many unknowns.

i had so many questions
i knew you would answer.
and you did.
“do not fear”
you said.
me, unfazed
by your closeness,
crossed over
into your den.
you could tear me up,
you could hear me out;
you knew me.
you knew i was coming.
i stood, close.

i watched you
from a safe distance,
with barrier
i sat with you,
as you looked into my soul.
your yellow eye, a drill,
bored into my skull.

to some, your burning fire
makes the blood run cold,
but i felt safe with you.

in your yellow eye,
i saw my path.
in you, your strength
and grace,
i fell.
you taught me well.
“be brave”
you said,
with outstretched claw
“for i am right here
with you…”

we sat, in silence.
our eyes connected.
our hearts, both wild
and free.
it was then
i connected with thee.
i breathed with thee.
just as some may fear
your symmetry
i felt safe
as i lay down with thee;
safe, in knowing you
and i are one
and the same.

i looked
into that yellow eye,
as my lover,
new and knew
the ‘why’
and ‘what’
i had to do.

who dare frame me,
or contain me?
your distant deeps
and endless skies
opened up for me,
like no other,
you entered me
– twisting the sinews
of my heart.
no barriers
to hold apart,
but endless skies
to shelter
and cover.
from that moment
we were lovers.

i seized your fire.

you, forever,
walk with me.

(c) Kat McDonald 2015

– thanks Robert, for uncaging, for waiting, for loving and knowing… then and now…
– thanks Tibor, for mirroring back to me what i knew all along…

image (c) Kat McDonald Photography


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