behold the watcher…


so you come to greet me, sweet guardian.
you come to me, in sunlight
with fiery tail, aflame.

on my doorstep;
watching over me

you are a pretty little thing…
one tail, not nine
like the stories of old

no song,
but i heard you sing last night
in your shapeshifting visitation
you could be the one;
my lover, my guardian, my friend.

little vixen
with magic green eyes that truly see.
you are the watcher
with your gentle curiosity
and curiously gentle gaze.

you greet me with a yelp.
do you have a message for me?
i heard your song;
your screams in the night…

sing for me, sweet guardian,
sing for me…

do you want me to follow you?


oh but you are wise
and i listen closely
to what your song and eyes tell me.

show me the way
i will follow…


(c) Kat McDonald 2015
iPhone images (c) Kat McDonald

** foxes have been persecuted for centuries: the myth of the cunning and modern day fox-hunting. i love foxes; these beautiful, totemic creatures are a joy to behold and hold a very special place in my heart. this piece was written after a chance encounter with a bold and curious young vixen, who i often hear cry in the night. i feel truly blessed to have had such a beautiful – yet fleeting – encounter with a such a pure yet wild heart.

** please return to me, little fox, i want to see you again…


6 thoughts on “behold the watcher…

  1. Must be something in the air/ether. I had breakfast with my daughter for her birthday last week, and we ate at a park along the coast. While there, a fox peered at us through an opening in the wall surrounding our picnic table. It was just like three steps from us. It was only the third one I’ve ever seen, and the first I’ve seen in the daylight.

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    • i see many urban foxes, but i live by the sea so i thought it unusual… although the area is fringed with trees and scrub. it was unusual to see the fox in the early evening sun… i know she’s always been close (and i’ve lived here for a year) as i’ve heard her cries at night sometimes. i think she may have kits and was searching for food for them. she was not afraid of me, and i was certainly not afraid of her. she knew that. a beautiful moment.

      i also see too many foxes lying dead on the road. very sad….

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  2. I remember that the first fox I ever saw-as a kid, was a dead one beside the main road that leads to Manchester. I at that point never thought there was such a thing as an urban fox. I thought all wildlife belonged to the countryside! There are rumblings here in the UK of a bid to get the outlawing of hunting reversed. I hope not, there is no place for it in the twenty-first century.

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