STARDATE – 20065.2

Hailing all frequencies! Any STAR TREK lovers out there?

If so, I urge you to visit this writer’s wonderful series… It is fan-fiction, it is a dark Trek, it is… quite simply… brilliantly addictive.

Be warned, there are many back episodes for you catch up on… you may lose days (and sleep!) but I urge you to visit this series, in its entirety, from the beginning… plenty have gone before, as I have, many have never returned… so be bold.


Star Trek - The Void

Leenda Valda sits in her living room, alone. Well, as alone as she can be, being the only empath on the ship with an ability to sense the crew’s emotions. A continuous stream of thoughts and feelings. She has had a busy day, counseling the crew. She compiles her report into a PADD for the Captain and the Doctor’s attention in the morning. She suddenly feels overwhelmed with a presence in her quarters. She waits, and sighs.

‘I know you’re there,’ she smiles.

‘I am here,’ the computer says. ‘You sensed me?’


‘How do you do that?’

‘I sensed your presence, or to be precise, i could feel you focusing on me. My people are born this way. It helps us to learn about other life forms that we discover in our own travels. For diplomacy and cooperation. It helps us to grow. To understand the inter connectedness of…

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