A Pilgrim’s Pilgrimage

Source: A Pilgrim’s Pilgrimage

“we could physically feel the stresses and strains of town life fall away… the Scottish Highlands opened up before us.  we needed this. we were there, amidst the wild of the bracken and heather; the sheep and the sheep shit; the silence and breath-taking beauty…”

~ excerpt from A Pilgrim’s Pilgrimage, 2015 :: their journey in pictures, shot while filming on location in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, garnering film footage for the film ‘Wilderness’ to accompany their debut album – both out soon!

who are Pilgrims?

that, in itself, is a story to be told…

a sound born in a storm.  star-crossed lovers.  a lovesong.  a sound supernatural, homespun and honest.  a map of the stars. paprika tea.  a series of totemic animals that have furnished their love, and their music.

All images (c) Kat McDonald, Robert Davidson & Pilgrims UK 2015

~ nae nickin’!


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