thank you, fellow writers



when i first joined WordPress and began to share my work… my ramblings… with the WordPress community – fellow writers, literary aficionados, critics and publishers etc – i never anticipated anyone would want to read what i had to say, let alone subscribe to my rants and ramblings and share their thoughts on my work, and actually enjoy reading my work or be moved by it in some manner. but i shared it anyway. now i have an international audience of over 1000 readers. so i have to thank you, from the deepest chambers of my heart. thank you, thank you, thank you.

i write from the heart so it really does mean a lot to me when you connect with me – and tell me why you liked a particular piece. it really does resound in the heart. it makes me feel it is all worthwhile and not just a ‘cheaper than therapy’ means of self-expression.

i hope you all continue to read my words. i hope i can always keep you interested, your fascination tickled and make you want to keep returning to share my ‘inner focus’, my words & imagery.

thank you all so very much for your loyalty, those of you who keep returning and leave little footprints by way of comments. i love to hear from you.
and big a big thanks to those of you who merely stumbled upon a particular piece and shared your thoughts with me. i like that too.

one love.

Kat xx


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