the stains of holy water

it is time...

there is another world, down there, beneath
the surface and superfluous;
a world i spoil for,
to revisit time and again,
a world i crave.
it is a beautiful world;
when stripped
of the binding and bondage
of the humdrum
and the crowded mundane.
a vast expanse of golden desert,
where the mouth, dry with thirst,
seeks quenching;
where the temporal
and lumbosacral
dissolve, drenched
from fire and furnace
of desire;
where limbs become molten
and weak.
i seek
one sip from
that fountain.
it is a beautiful escape,
a flank of desert dunes
that shift
with each breath.

i want to lose myself
and all sense of time
and purpose
in this space
and feel the land
slide and arc
beneath me
as i fumble;
because here i could stumble,
for days
circling, crazed by
a thirsty daze.
i long to feel its silken sands
pass through my hands
and taste the salt
on parched lips.

it is time
to disappear from this world
and to make my
ephemeral pilgrimage
to this altar; to exalt
until exhausted,
to pray, idolatrous,
’til consciousness
is lost
amid the stars and the attars,
the incense and
the stains of holy water.
i have time to devote there,
are you ready, my love?

image (c) Kat McDonald Photography
words (c) Kat McDonald 2016

+ it is time, Robert…  are you coming?


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