these giants

forest dawn

if you listen hard
you can hear them:
their stories,
their secrets,
their scars.
yet they stand,
stoic, silent, still.
taller than us.
take from that what you will.

touch them…
and realise
you have always known them
but you never give them a thought,
second or otherwise.
they predate us and they will
outlive us
they are wise.
much wiser than us.

do you care…
care that they breathe
for you,
for me,
for everyone, and every
they give us life,
do you know what that means?
do you really know what that means?

choke them, they die.
just like us.
cut them, they bleed.
they fucking bleed.
just like us.
and yet

still, we besiege them;
still, we maim them:
these silent, selfless

(c) Kat McDonald 2016

– a 10 minute exercise in spontaneous writing. look out the window, what’s the first thing you see? okay – write about it.  you have ten minutes.

8 thoughts on “these giants

  1. Great piece. I like writing that takes on a common thing and reveals the complexities that go unnoticed.
    do you care…
    care that they breathe
    for you,
    for me,
    for everyone, and every
    thing? < hard hitting, excellent line.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you. that means a lot to me. i had a bit of writers’ block and i read somewhere one of the best ways to unblock is to write, without too much thought, about the first thing you see from your window… daft wee exercise, but i gave it a shot – and it worked. i only tweaked it a little – punctuation mainly for rhythm. thank you for reading. hope you return and read some of my older posts x

      Liked by 1 person

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