cafe insomnia

cafe insomnia

where do you go
in the daytime,
when shadows are short
where d’you hide?
i know you are out there
just biding your time.
are you watching
when i’m ordering coffee,
your bitterness stronger
than mine?
are you there when i slip underwater,
holding me ransom with rhyme?
when i lay
on the couch, with my guitar,
do you hope that i break
a string?
you choke on my neck
like a capo.
God, you must hate it
when i start to sing.
but it’s the smallest of hours
that you savour.
when shadows bleed into the night.
i acknowledge you in bed beside me,
your cursed cold-handed humour,
as i struggle to just stay alive.

(c) Kat McDonald

– writers’ block exercise: a 10 minute poem about any chosen subject. last night’s subject was ‘insomnia’ – equal parts curse & gift.

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