Post-Brexit Thoughts from “An Immigrant”

Hello Followers and Casual Readers…

… I have to share this post written by a beautiful soul I have come to know through Social Media and mutual love of art and animals, floof and sweary words! I have not met the girl… YET… but I am working on it and I am confident that our paths will cross one fine day.
It saddens me to read this entry in her blog TetrisandCheesecakes because NOBODY should be made to feel like this. There is so much hatred in this world and we are all too quick to blame other outlets, such as mental health issues, media, peer-pressure blah blah blah… but really… the only person to blame for ignorance in the way we view and treat others is ourselves and our own blinkered ignorance.
I cannot abide racism. I cannot tolerate it and I will not turn a blind eye to it, but when a lovely girl, like Lucie, writes about the HELL that she has been through in her life only to be met with unfeeling and mindlessness by people in her circle of supposed ‘friends’ it is just too much to bear. NOBODY deserves to be treated like this. she is a human being. a wonderful, intelligent and caring human being.
please read this carefully and digest every word. she could be the girl next door, your brother’s girlfriend, your girlfriend, your daughter…. she’s a woman. a human being. being made to feel like an imposition, an inconvenience, an imposter, a freak, a taker, a faker… is completely immoral, unethical, cruel and ignorant.
next time you look at someone of colour, or converse with someone with a non-UK accent, please consider this: what is their backstory? they could be like Lucie. a good person, who fled from fear and certain death and control (something that privileged British white people cannot even begin to imagine) to a supposed better and safer life – only to be met with judgement, hatred and assumptions – is just insane. insane.
wake the fuck up, humans! #evolve

Tetris & (Cheese)cakes

The past few days haven’t been the easiest. I have seen so many stories of an increase in anti-immigrant sentiment, heartbreaking stories of families and schools being targeted by those who misguidedly thought a vote to leave the EU equalled sending all “foreigners” home. I may be unique amongst my friends as I do know people who voted “Leave” for reasons that didn’t include the immigration issue. They made the decision based on their own feelings and histories, and I really don’t want to detract from that. It’s tragic that though their personal reasons were not have racially motivated, their voices have now given credence to the racists and xenophobes in our country, who have taken their numbers as a sign that hate is justified. 52%. I really want to believe that 52% or Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland aren’t racists, and who want people like me to “go…

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13 thoughts on “Post-Brexit Thoughts from “An Immigrant”

  1. please… if you, too, have been moved by this piece, let Lucie know by leaving a comment or a like or re-blog on HER page too… it’s been a real eye-opener reading about post-Brexit racial hatred from her perspective. it is very sad times we live in. human life can be despicable.


  2. Since our racist president elect Trump came on the scene our hate crimes are up here. I know the hate was there all along but it was unacceptable but he has kicked the Kicked over and the rock and the bigots with all their ugliness have crawled out. It seems the world is moving backward rather than forward.

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    • yes… i find it crazy that in the US there’s so much hatred towards immigrants, given that unless you are a native American – you are all immigrants, and/or descendants thereof! such hypocrisy. there will be more riots i imagine. sad times indeed! and yes… i agree wholeheartedly… this is not progress. this is not the behaviour of sentient evolved human beings…. it is complete madness!

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      • I don’t consider myself an immigrant as my descendants have been here since the 1700’S And I do get tired if the blue bloods . I suppose if I went to Wales I would be an immigrant being born in the US . So the you are an immigrant doesn’t hold water for me. Everyone has the right to be respected and receive equal treatment. Regardless of where they are or come from.

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      • I am a Native American as is all American citizens. Born and raised here. If I come with intent to remain in your country I will be an immigrant


      • Really? Sioux? Crow? A native American is Native American
        a member of any of the indigenous peoples of North and South America and the Caribbean Islands.
        relating to Native Americans.

        I find that interesting that your family tree starts in USA in 1700s like you said earlier… so you are a descendant of another race, whose family moved to USA in 1700s? That does not make you a Native American. Born in USA, sure, but not Native.

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