wilderness – part two : this is the most honest we have been.

wilderness part 2 COVER

Source: wilderness – part two : this is the most honest we have been.

[a huge fan of Pilgrims, obviously, being one of the singers/songwriters… but don’t let me cloud your judgement.]

this is the sound that came from a gorge . this is what happened when lovers cut each others hair with a samurai sword. this is inside out and up ‘n’ down. this humble creation from this hibernation. baring and purging. this is defining heroes. this is katsu curry & fermented pears. this could be winter. these are our scars. this is our music.

A Pilgrim’s Pilgrimage

Source: A Pilgrim’s Pilgrimage

“we could physically feel the stresses and strains of town life fall away… the Scottish Highlands opened up before us.  we needed this. we were there, amidst the wild of the bracken and heather; the sheep and the sheep shit; the silence and breath-taking beauty…”

~ excerpt from A Pilgrim’s Pilgrimage, 2015 :: their journey in pictures, shot while filming on location in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, garnering film footage for the film ‘Wilderness’ to accompany their debut album – both out soon!

who are Pilgrims?

that, in itself, is a story to be told…

a sound born in a storm.  star-crossed lovers.  a lovesong.  a sound supernatural, homespun and honest.  a map of the stars. paprika tea.  a series of totemic animals that have furnished their love, and their music.

All images (c) Kat McDonald, Robert Davidson & Pilgrims UK 2015

~ nae nickin’!

STARDATE – 20065.3

Hailing all frequencies…
Any #trekkies out there? Fans of #StarTrek will LOVE this. This is a great example of fan-fiction. Great dialogue, nicely scripted.
If you’ve not been following Robert’s ‘STAR TREK – THE VOID’ series then I suggest you do… you’ve got a fair bit of catching up to do, but it’s so enthralling and addictive you could achieve this with a pot of coffee on a Sunday afternoon… or into the small hours of the night with a dram or three…
It really is great writing. Get on it, fellow Trekkies.

Star Trek - The Void

Leenda Valda, back on her homeworld, stands once again, in the grand crystalline chamber, before the elders. And once again, she is lying.

‘Yes, i have just recently been in talks with the computer, or the new life form, whichever you prefer, in fact, that’s a massive over-sight on my behalf there, i haven’t actually asked if it has a name…i will rectify this however, as soon as i return, you know, i really do look forward to re-joining the crew, they are a strange bunch and terribly draining, but i do love them so…’

Valda realises she is babbling. Again.

‘The point i was trying to make is that the computer is even more confident of our mission’s completion, now estimating a seventy eight percent chance of success.’



Valda anxiously waits to see if her lie sinks is.

‘This is wonderful news,’ the prime being says, it’s…

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