chaos and curls


i cut my hair.  inept and small, the dull blades rip through its length with untold savagery and brutality.

slices of yellow and inky black tresses fall to the floor, landing in concentric patterns of chaos and curl.

the sound of nail scissors, the most inapproriate tool, chewing through my hair is curiously satisfying.  like grinding teeth.

i remember, as a child, cutting my own hair with pinking shears – thinking it would make it zig-zaggy and pretty.  of course, the end result was fucking horrible and my mother had to salvage what was left so that i still looked like a human girl child.

but i love to cut my own hair. it’s cathartic. cleansing. grounding.

it’s only hair though, isn’t it?

of course not.

it’s more than that for women. for girls.  it’s everything.

i am no longer four years old. so why do i do this to myself?

i really should have ‘outgrown’ this phase by now; this phase, this compulsion, this fascination with cutting my own hair.  but i can’t.  it’s inexplicable and gives me such intrinsic satisfaction.

little fringe and long hair.  years later, i am back with the same hair as that of the four year old Kathryn.

only its colour has changed.  many, many times.

i’m such a whore with my hair.

let it grow.  grow up.

ah… but it is only hair, right?


(c) Kat McDonald 2017

– anyone else out there cut their own hair and why?


17 thoughts on “chaos and curls

  1. I have cut my own hair maybe ten or so times in my life. I would like to say that I did it only to save money, but I also find it oddly cathartic, like taking control of my own appearance in a very tangible way. There seems to be a kind of stigma against it, is there not?

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    • i haven’t encountered much stigma, as such. one or two people have asked why i don’t go to the hairdressers though; and considering many of my friends, who are hairdressers, actually like it – i can’t figure out if i have experienced stigma. weird. anyhow, i enjoy it. and i don’t have to pay £80 for it, or make an appointment. 🙂

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  2. Wow.your writing is so free, unapologetic and Frank. It was something extra ordinary you were talking about but still your blog could hold me through the read. Good one.

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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog… so glad to read yours… I adore this!! So well described! I was obsessed with cutting my own hair for many years. I truly relate. Fabulous phrases in here too…. thank you for sharing… a true and rare delight to read.


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